Fantastic Four Fantastically Fails Again

What can be said about the Fantastic Four? Generally speaking, the FF are sort of a tight-knit foursome who identify themselves as a family. Although the recent theatrical reboot left moviegoers feeling a major disconnect between the characters, and their expectations of the movie in general.

fantastic four 1

As a fan of the Fantastic Four, I was eager to see this new reboot hoping it would keep it’s promise of being better than the 2005 installment. Not only was I unimpressed, but I now feel that the Fantastic Four are doomed (no pun intended) for having their own solid, decent origin movie.

(Fantastic Four original first issue cover)

I hate to be so negative about someone else’s work, because it is not my place to judge.. But if it were up to me, I would keep the Fantastic Four on the back burner for a long time. Giving the group a good 10-15 years before they see a real cinematic appearance could do them good. During this time, Marvel could focus on introducing more lesser known superheros to the big screen which I know they will do.

The FF were arguably the first super hero family made by Marvel, and they deserve a better chance at the big screen.

 One can only expect for the FF to have later appearances in other movies as either cameos, or supporting characters. You can be sure to expect the unexpected from Marvel and it’s affiliates.


The Little Console that Could-n’t

What can we say about the Ouya? It was a great idea in theory, and there were many backers on it’s kickstarter. Everyone (including me) was rooting for it.


But what could have really gotten someone to buy this system? And what really went wrong? Well first lets look at what you can do with the system:

  • Decent emulator

   Considering that the system is chock full of Android games, one may get bored of the same old less than console-quality games that are on this console. That my friends, is where emulation comes in to save the day.

Yes with the Ouya you can emulate just about any of the earlier gen consoles. PS1, PSP, Nintendo consoles, Atari, Commodore 64, heck, it’s all there. Check this link out to see the compatible emulators for the console.

  •         Play Music and Videos

   The ability to play music and videos on the Ouya is there, but it’s not easily acquired. A little searching and tweaking is needed, but it can be done. It’s no different then finding ROMs and good emulators for your android device.

  •         Swap Out the Controller

    For some Ouya users, being able to swap out the controller is a huge relief. Changing the batteries out of the Ouya controller can be a pain, and the buttons can become easily stuck. The PS3 controller has proven itself to be the easiest one to connect to the console and is compatible with more games than any other.

What do all of these options have in common? The answer is quite simple; Everything that this console can do is only a reflection of what has been done for some years now through a PC, other consoles, and/or an Android based phone or tablet.

To cut the creators of Ouya some slack, I doubt they marketed the system to be innovative, but think about it. Most of the population of it’s target audience were already owners of an electronic that could already do what their product can do. Why spend $100 for more of the same?



The Oh-Yea was supposed to be an open haven for developers to self publish their games. Unfortunately, Sony’s new publishing policies gave developers more leeway, and advertised their games on their store which in turn gave freelance developers more reason to make games on their platform.

The idea of the Ouya really got people like me excited to see how it will contend in the world of consoles. But I saw myself later forgetting about it considering I’d already had a console that I was content with, and didn’t have $100 to fork over for another piece of hardware.

In recent news, IGN posted an article declaring the CEO Julie Uhrman left the company after it had been bought out by Razer. Razer plans to later migrate the thousands of Ouya users to it’s own Forge TV network.

This raises many questions for the Ouya’s future. It would be saddening to see the console go, especially after I invested so much of my Hype Juice (Yes I said hype juice) to cheer it on.

We will see within the coming months what Razer plans to do with The Little Console That Almost Could.

Star Wars Battlefront Hype

On April 16 of this year there had been an accidental leak of the release date for the epic return of Star Wars Battlefront, a new installment by EA.

Now, updates on the game are coming in at a steady pace, and content is being revealed left and right.

But the big question is simply: Will this game be as good, if not better than the two that came before it?

star wars battlefront luke

Looking back through the years, every geek I’ve spoke with long enough to talk about video games has played the old Battlefronts at least once. They were just great games to own with a PS2.

The obvious next step that Battlefront needed to take to be successful was to give the fans what they oh so dearly wanted: to play as either Jedi or Sith, and to be able to partake in the memorable battles in space. Pandemic Studios delivered, naturally.

This is what is known of the game thus far:

Multiplayer Modes

Currently there is only one revealed multiplayer mode titled “Walker Assault”

walker assault

It’s what you’d expect, the battle of Hoth.

AT-ATs, AT-STs, Snowspeeders, Tie Fighters, they’re all there.  I’m eager to see what’s DICE’s take on this iconic battle. Hoth battles on BF 1 & 2 felt kind of empty to me. There was so much space, and not enough NPCs to cover all that ground. Walker Assault will have a max of 40 players in a game at once, so the emptiness should be no more.

From what I can tell, at least one type of rebel soldier has jet pack ability. I’d only assume the empire has some equivalent as well.

If you hadn’t already seen the reveal video, I highly recommend you watch it and see the awesomeness.


As of right now, it seems that they have only revealed one type of mission: Survival. At first thought, I thought it’d be some type of Nazi Zombies game mode, and I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve killed way to many zombies to continue doing it in Battlefront. But fortunately, there have not been any Nazis, or any form of zombies in the survival mode reveal.

survival bf

Survival Mode can be played either by yourself or cooperatively. I’m praying it will support four-player co-op. I’m the type of gamer who doesn’t like to be limited by little options in a game. I’m also hoping there will be more than one map available with the game’s release (DEATH TO DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT!!!!).

Nevertheless, the game mode looks exciting, and I’d be more than willing to give it a go.

And oh yea, Admiral Ackbar’s your guide on the Tatooine map. 😉

its a trap

For a look at the Survival mission game mode, watch this.

Deluxe Edition

bf delux edition

For those who would like to spend $10 more for a bit more pixel action, you’re in luck. The deluxe edition will come with a few weapons, one namely being the DL-44,  Han Solo’s weapon of choice. Here’s a picture if you need some inspiration:

han solo blaster

*Not actual in-game model

You’ll also be getting the Ion Grenade, a grenade that promises to inflict more damage to enemy vehicles. To further stick with the Ion weapons, you’ll also have access to the MPL ION Torpedo, capable of locking on to enemy vehicles and also promising to deliver extra damage.

The Ion Shock and Victory emotes are also included, which I doubt will have any extra added benefit besides bragging rights.

Preorder Bonuses

I’m sure you all will be dying to play this game as soon as it comes out. So why not preorder? Gamestop is offering a free game poster with each preorder. Here’s what it looks like:

battlefront poster

And if a shiny new poster isn’t enough for you, how about some free DLC? Seriously, this whole free DLC at launch craze has got to stop.. Yes, you can be the proud owner of The Battle of Jakku DLC.

The battle of Jakku takes place after the final events of The Return of the Jedi, and gives the player a glimpse of what really happened after.

Players who preorder will have access to this DLC exactly one week before it is available for everyone on December 8th, 2015 (I assume for a price).

So as of right now, there is not all that much content to comment on, but with the release date coming closer and closer, and the LONG AWAITED movie coming out in December, you can bet that I will be covering all that I can on this highly anticipated release. The game will be releasing before the movie, and at this point we can only imagine just how much of the movie this game will reveal.

Knowing this, would you wait to play the game after you’ve seen the movie, or just risk the possibility of spoilers and have your way with it? Let me know your thoughts, and thanks for reading!


may the force be with you

League 5.14 Update (YES YES YES YES!)

Hello readers,

Long awaited 5.14 update is live and is making a huge statement across all Leagues sites. Whether it’s talk about Gangplank’s rework, or the UI and Summoner’s Rift updates, there’s surely lots to talk about! I cannot cover everything, because that just wouldn’t make sense. I’ll be covering what I like most about the update.

This update is just jam packed with pirates pirates pirates EVERYWHERE. ARAM, Summoner’s Rift, and even the login screen are just littered with piratey goodness.

With the update comes a fun new event for summoner’s to partake in, as well as lore from Bilgewater.

I will summarize the first part of Act One:

Act One – Part One:

-The beginning sets the stage for the reader to place themselves in Bilgewater’s unpleasent part of town: The Slaughter Docks. The story is written in first person, through the eyes of a champion that isn’t very clear until after reading a few sentences. Could it be Gankplank? Twisted Fate? Miss Fortune? Graves? Whoever it is, they’re not in the roughest part of town to just take a stroll. They’re there on business. They’re there to find something, and find it fast.

To make this job even harder, there are patrol squads and eyes in the sky scanning the area. One squad does their usual walk around of the facility, and our thief navigates through the shadows of the wharf into a  not so dark alley close to the main warehouse where his bounty lies.This is the part where you can tell who the first person perspective is portraying. The patrol squad comes around the corner earlier than expected, and with a slide of a card, and deep concentration, Twisted Fate uses his ultimate ability and teleports himself inside the warehouse undetected.

Inside the warehouse is poorly lit, and the lanterns lighting the wharf are the only light source. The warehouse is chock full of valuable items, but none which T.F. are looking for. He comes across a box with the precious elegant knife he’d been searching for.

But to his surprise, he is not alone.

Behind him, with Destiny locked and loaded, stands Malcolm Graves, Twisted Fate’s ex partner.

graves and tf

photo courtesy of Sarianne

If you enjoyed my brief summary, I highly encourage you to read the actual story and read on for more.

Here’s a complimentary link 🙂  Bilgewater Act One

Bilgewater Skins!

Two new skins have also been added: Cutthroat Graves and Cutpurse Twisted Fate, each at 750 RP.

graves and tf new skinsAlso, a few more piratey themed skins have been price reduced and/or added. Check them out here.

That UI Tho

league new ui

How can you not like that HUD? NO MORE EXTRA *****!

Random’s were already hard enough with poor warding, and the bottom screen blindness did not help either.

-It’s really late here, so I’m going to slack on this portion. If you need more info, here it is-

Pirate Announcer

I’ve asked around during games to see how many people like’d the temporarily new announcer. I’ve received mixed reviews, but it leans a bit more towards positive. I’d gotten tired of the same woman telling me I’ve been ‘shutdown”


ARAM: Butcher’s Bridge

Cannons: check

Oranges: Check

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here

*Considering this is my first ever blog post, and I originally wanted to cover the whole patch, I’m sorry that I could not do it. I you know don’t give a ****, but I really want to do a good job. Stick with me, and I’ll do my best to bring you A+ content.

Thanks 🙂

Nite Nite!

That Intro Tho

Before you continue reading this, just remember one thing: YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ WHAT I WRITE. Everyone’s got an opinion and this is mine. Enjoy, or not enjoy, I’ll continue to do my thing, and you’ll continue to do yours.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can get on with the intro.

Hello there, my name is Brian. I’m just your regular 22 year old college student with some time on his hands to write a blog. For those that are the least bit curious, I’ve had a lot of changes in major. I’ve wen’t from Mechanical, to Electrical Engineering. Then just saying screw it all and going full blown English major. Then again, rethinking my life over and over, and now my mind wants me to do business major or become and entrepreneur (*cough* HAHAH GOOD LUCK BRIAN SIT YOUR *** DOWN *cough*).

I’m a big geek/nerd (YES, I know the difference. dick.)

I try not to use profane words when I’m speaking with others, but sometimes it feels good to be a savage. :3

My purpose: I’d always been the guy to keep my mouth shut on matters I knew little about. Come to think of it, I’d like to say that I’m pretty ignorant on pretty much everything in life and it’s better that I did keep my mouth shut or else bs would come pouring out like Niagara.

But anyway, I just want a place to share my thoughts on all things entertainment that I care about. Most of it is just video games, movies, tech, things like that. If I had a dog named spot, heck, I’d write about him too.

I have an Xbox One, and I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CANNOT WAIT FOR STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT (I’ll be sure to post things/happenings/updates on those two for sure). I’d share my gamertag, but chall ain’t ready for that yet. : 3

I’ve been a League of Legends fanatic for quite some time now. I still feed hardcore though, don’t overestimate me. I think DOTA 2 is hard as **** and I’m to stubborn to learn the mechanics of that game. My Asian friend however, she’s somehow seemed to understand how it works.

Don’t expect many DOTA posts *cough*

(Goodness I’ve been coughing a lot, too bad it costs $50+ to go to the doctor to tell me to just drink more fluids..)

I’ll try to make posts frequently, but I notice myself always being informed on current matters in small bursts, then I just retreat to my own little world and do something else. But I’m excited to finally have the courage to share my thoughts, and possibly get some feedback on how I’m doing as a first time blogger.

Thanks to all who stuck around and read all of this. And to the haters, qq more! :3

3-parts embarrassing, 2-parts snazzy, 1-part noscope sniped  by best friend
3-parts embarrassing, 2-parts snazzy, 1-part no-scope sniped by best friend